Students should have a tool kit of post it responses to select from by now. Students have learned to hold tight to meaning by:
1. create big event (timeline) post its
2. Determining the Most Important Event (MIP) in their chapter or text and recording this.
3. Visualizing to better understand what is happening in the story (these post it responses should have a thought bubble or caption along with them).
4. Quizzing themselves at the beginning of the chapter to ensure they know where the character is and what the character is doing. This post it is written as a “who/what” statement (who is this new chapter talking about and what are they doing).
5. Stopping every few pages to check for understanding. These post its are also written as who/what statements.
6. Reading like a monster truck over tough words and using strategies to determine unknown words. Strategies include:
-looking at context clues by reading before and after the word
-reading around the word to be sure the author hasn’t already defined the word for us
-using word parts to determine the meaning
-replacing the word with another word that makes sense


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