eblast for February 26

Notes and Important Information

  • You’re Invited to our Wax Museum: As a way to wrap up all the learning we have done throughout our biography unit in both social studies and reading, students will participate in a Wax Museum on Thursday, March 12. Students will be encouraged to dress up as one of the influential figures they have studied. We ask that all students be prepared to speak for 1-2 minutes about this person including when they lived, their accomplishments, and the way they influenced our society today. Students will present as a part of their social studies classes and will partner up so that each student has a chance to both present and learn from their peers. We invite all parents and family who are able to join us for this fun event.
    • Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Donohoe’s social studies classes will present from 1:45-2:05.
    • Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Michaelson’s social studies classes will present from 2:10-2:30.


Important Dates

Our Character trait for March is Courage

March 5- Progress reports come home

March 8- BWE Spirit night at the Checkers game

March 11- Dining Night out at Hawthorne’s

March 16-20-Book Fair Week

March 20– Spirit Day

March 24– Spring Picture Day

March 31- End of 3rd Quarter

April 1- 3rd Grade Performance at 6:00pm


Curriculum Updates:


We are continuing our biography unit that combines our fictional reading strategies of growing ideas about a character with non-fiction strategies of gathering new learning, understanding cause and effects, and learning lessons from influential figures’ lives. Throughout this unit students will continue to…

  • Differentiate between narrative nonfiction and expository texts
  • Connect cause and effect in a person’s life to understand his journey and achievements
  • Synthesize and interpret events providing relevant text evidence
  • Choose words to more precisely describe a character or event
  • Identify life lessons that could be learned from a biography
  • Participate in book clubs that analyze the achievements of those we are studying
  • We will wrap up our study of this unit with a Wax Museum on Thursday, March 12.


  • Students have worked this week to compose good beginnings and endings for their expository piece.
  • Next week we will work to revise, edit, and create a final draft of our writing for a final grade.


We are continuing work in our fraction unit:

  • Students now understand fraction vocabulary including: numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, improper fraction, and mixed number.
  • Students are working to compare and order fractions on a number line.
  • Students are using manipulatives like rulers and number lines to understand that a fraction is simply a number and can be identified on these measurement tools just the way whole numbers can.
  • Third graders need to know fractions with denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.
  • Our final test for this unit is scheduled for March 19.
  • Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home: It crucial students master their multiplication facts to prepare for success in 4th grade. We will continue assessing their mastery of these facts each week, so please practice these with your student at home. By the end of 3rd grade, it is expected that students will have quick and accurate recall and use multiplication combinations from 0x0 to 12 x 12.

Social Studies:

  • Our social studies unit continues to link our reading study of biographies to a study of how these individuals have shaped the community we live in today.
  • Students are studying and analyzing the influences that inventors, explorers, political figures, and civil rights leaders have had on our community.
  • Students will wrap up their learning with a social studies final project that will display their learning of 1 influential figure from our past.
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